On the Restaurant Tax…

I am a staunch defender of free markets and firm supporter of fiscally responsible government.

As such, I oppose the new 2% restaurant tax. 

We were paying 7% on every cheeseburger we bought. But because of the Legislators from this District, we are now required to pay 9% for every cheeseburger. This is 9% on the cheeseburger, 9% on the pickle, 9% on the ketchup, and 9% on the onion. If we drink a Coke with that cheeseburger, we must now pay 9% tribute on that Coke. If we use a paper napkin, we must now pay 9% on that napkin.

The Mayor is now formulating a plan to tack on another 1% to that cheeseburger, to make the grand total 10%. It is absurd that we have to give 10% of our food to Government. The Legislators that championed this should be ashamed of themselves.

We’re told, this extra tax will pay for block parties and street festivals. It is my opinion that entertainment is NOT a legitimate function of Government, and they should NOT be seizing 10% of our food to pay for it.

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